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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

How it works our item shop

Few steps on how it works the delivery of your order in our ingress item shop.

You have 2 options in our ingress item shop:
1. Buy an order RTD pack, Ready to drop, in this case you will receive a link via email few seconds after purchase. Click on the link to download a txt file in wich you will find login details ( account ID and password) to use in your ingress App. Simply add a new account in your ingress app. If need assistance for this pls take a look at our FAQ page. Items in RTD account are ready to drop and you have not to wait for cooldown.

2. Buy a standard pack, 24-48 hrs delivery, delivered with capsules drop.
If you purchased a standard pack you will be prompted in the checkout page for a double choice. You can send us the coordinates (simply using google maps) of the location where we will drop the capsules, or we will take the coordinates from your shipping address.
In this case we need to load an account and wait the cooldown ( travel time to get your location) and we need to fix with you the right time for delivery considering we are living in Italy at italian time so considering the different time.

We will drop capsules to your location, you have to empty them and we will pick them back but......
To avoid any trace from Nia we suggest to avoid to mix our capsules with yours and this could be done following these tips:
  • Do not have already capsules in your account or.....
  • Unloading our full capsules and leave 1 item inside in order to recognize them from yours or.....
  • Contacting us after your purchase or simply adding in the order's note that you will provide us your capsules so we won't load them in our account and pick up yours to load. ( probably the safest option).

Capsules transfer is admitted in game that's why this method is considered actually  the safest.


During the delivery we use to stay in contact with the customer via mail, chat (hangout, wapp, telegram) in order to complete the transfer  in the best and safe way. We use to drop an item as marker tolet you confirm you can see it so we are in the right location. (gps has and approx of some meters).


For any problem fill free to take a look at our FAQ page or simply contact us.

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