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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Payments on our ingress items shop



Due to the kind of our business (selling digitals) we are no longer able to accept paypal because selling digitals it's against their policy. We accept most used credit cards through stripe, the payment gateway used by shopify.



If you plain to pay us with bitcoins use this discount code

CRYPTO30 in the  check out page to get an istant 30%. ( for every order paid with btc and ether, and main cryptos, check out with coinbase commerce).


    #BTC for DUMMIES

    The EASIEST way to store btc and the EASIEST way to earn your 30% discount with us is to use a "third party service" , as  COINBASE

    In few steps:

        • Register to Coinbase

        • Validate your account (KYC)

        • On coinbase site buy BTC with your credit card or from your bank account. 

        • Once you have Bitcoin or Ether in your coinbase wallet you can pay.

    If you do not like Coinbase for every reason there are other "third party" btc institutes and we can suggest: Binance



    The safest way  to store Bitcoin it's a non custodial wallet or an hardware wallet (ex Ledger) you have to go more in deep for this and  remember a quote i found often since 2015 i approached the game: <Not your keys , not your Bitcoins>


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