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Payments on our ingress items shop



In our ingress items shop we accept Paypal, Bitcoin and most credit cards with Paypal.

For paying with credit card and paypal without a paypal account pls follow this steps.

1. In check out page choose paypal as payment method.

ingress store payments


2. Once on paypal site click below the log in botton, PAY WITH A DEBIT A CREDIT CARD.


If you plain to pay us with bitcoins use this discount code 817CO1N  in the  check out page to get an istant 20%. ( for every order paid with btc).

We also accept Ethereum, Litecoins, Monero and Dash cryptos


We boost our customers  to use Btc mainly for 3 reasons:

  • We save paypal fees, that's why we can offer 20% discount for every order.
  • We strongly believe in this currency. (NWO can sucks)
  • The most anonimous way to spend money. [even to store it :)]

#Btc for DUMMIES

The EASIEST way to store btc and the EASIEST way to gain your 15% discount with us is to use a "pubblic wallet" , and for us the best and faster way to open a pubblic btc wallet is COIN BASE

In few steps:

  • Register to Coinbase
  • Validate your account
  • On coinbase site buy BTC with your credit card or  adding $ funds from your bank account. (then you can transform $ in Btc)
  • In our check out page select btc payment using discount code 817CO1N  to get 20% discount.

If you do not like Coinbase for every reason there are other "third party" btc institutes and we can suggest: Bitpay or GoCoin.

If you want to go in deeper the best way (often the more difficult one for most of the people) to store btc is to have your own btc wallet. (you can study on google for this). This is also the way to hide your money from this flat world :)