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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Some tips to avoid ingress ban

Hi guys!

After Prime released the efforts from Niantic to stop stores and cheaters have been increased.

We do not sell services as smashing opponent portals, guardian finders etc etc just to keep game fair. We sell just items to help people living in remote location avoid them to go for kilometers just to farm some weapon. 

In order to save your accounts during transfer after a purchase from our store we strongly suggest to follow these few steps:

  • Don't pick up items with your main L8 or up game account. Make an account of same faction of your main, level it till L3 or L4 and use this to pick up items dropped from our mules.
  • Better if you use the account described above from another smartphone, not the one of your main.
  • Don't buy so much items that you can't use within 5-7 days. We have seen that account storing transferred items for long time may be warned from Nia.
  • In case of mule account delivery drop all items from our mule in one shot. Just at first log in. Avoid to log multiple times to our mule and drop all items in one shot.Remove our mule account from your device.
  • If this is not enough during check out choose the option "delivery to location with coordinates"(*) we will drop to the location given the items you ordered in capsules and then get those capsules back. (capsules are coded so be sure are the same or in doubt better to erase them). Trasfering capsules in game is allowed so capsules dropped to location are usually less chances of getting a ban.

(*) Delivery to location is available only for packs not RTD due to the fact that RTD are accounts already filled and with capsules inside for the drop. RTD orders need to set the account on your device and drop by your own weapons.

We still work very hard to get all our customers fully satisfied and with less problem as possibile to enjoy their game. Buying items you are breaking ingress TOS so you know may occure a soft or hard ban. 


Usually Niantic give you a warn before ban but this is not 100% sure.


Thanks for the attention.


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