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Buy Ingress items in our ingress store

how i buy ingress items?

Here how it works [FLOW PROCESS]:
  • buy ingress items from our ingress shop
  • we will receive your order and start to prepare it following the orders queue
  • we ususally deliver in 24-48 hours but if there are many orders you could receive your order in max 72 hours
  • if you are in a hurry for your order please buy the H24 version or RTD ( Real Time delivery)  and it will take priority on the standard orders so it will jump the queue.
  • Once ready we will send you the email with login and password for the MULE account ( Mule= our temp account where you have to drp the items of your order)
  • From the time you will receive login details email you will have 48 hours to empty our Mule then we will take it back to use it for other orders.
  • In the case you didn't logiin into our mule and you didn't drop the items in the 48 hours , we will send another mule following our queue orders.
  • NOTE: To setup the Mule account just open Ingress on your device and click on ADD account then fill with the details we will give you.
Remember that the game is GPS based and could happens that our mule could be in cooldown  so you can't drop items, ( an item is regullary doppe dwhen it stay on ground) just wait 2-12 hours before do it again. If you drop the items during the cooldown, they will disappear from the account but don't appear in the ground, when you log into the account again you will find again that item/s. 
Sometime we send special discount coupon. Please use this on the right top corner during check out. 
See the picture below
We use to send gits items in any order. If sometime you will not have gifts please don't email us this. Next order probably you will have more. Gifts are gifts and we use to send to you up many variants as how busy we are, how much we have to rush for all orders, order queue etc etc.

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