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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Trick or Treating Promo [ToT]


  • From this collection you can buy some items in X1,5 or X2. It means we moltiply the ammount of items. Ex. if you buy a 500 Xmp Pack  X1,5  you will receive 750.
  • In order to receive moltiplied items and to apply ToT promo you have to fill this code on checkout: PUMPK1N this will help us to identify customers who applied.
  • For all period of the promo the LOYALTY POINTS will be moltiplied X2 this means that you will earn 14 points every buck spent instead of 7 as usual. This for every order made on store till 11/1st/2016, so you earn double points also if you do not order ToT promo items.
  • At the end of the promotion you will receive a discount code equal to the 20% of what you spent during halloween ToT promo.Ex. if you spent 200,00$ you will receive a coupon of 40$ discounted on your next order. (this why you need to fill the PUMPK1N code in checkout so we can reconize and counts your orders).
  • You can buy an Halloween Gift Card to you friend, this will add points too and will be considered for the final discount.
  • In order to receive  multiplied  Items they must be listed in the Halloween ToT Promo page.
  • Items pack X1,5 and X2 are available in limited quantities, especially rare and very rare. If finished you can buy standard product from store , they do not multiply, but they can count for 20% final discount, remember to fill promo code PUMPK1N in check out.
  • No other discount codes can be combined with  this promo.So you can't use discount codes you already have for this orders.
  • Delivery time of HP orders is set to 24-72hrs cooldown excluded.
  • Order purchased without code PUMPK1N will be not shipped multiplied and they will be not  counted for the final 20% discount.

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