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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Safe delivery of ingress items

As we wrote in our news section after NIA's items tracking script we worked on this to help people buying in the safer way. We continue to believe that one of items tracking was just a move from NIA to instill fear to players who buy from third partie shops.

Btw here 2 ways for delivery.


Open your mule account by yourself even better using a service device, and keep the personal mule on it. Keep your L8 or up account always on your main device.If you have not a 2nd device remember to log out from mule and deleting from device in the account list of your browser too.

You can buy a PMA also from us

If you open your own is better a bit levelled till 3 or 4Level. Leave a right number of capsules on it in order to refill it with your order. Using your capsules is much more better.

You can use your mukle for storing items but is much more better to store just mods (they an be farmed for all Level accounts) and move fast to your main the L8 or up items.

Pls remember also to not open your mule 12 hrs before we have to refill it in order to avoid cooldown, and even check there is enough space to fill it with the items you purchased.

If you set your own mule better all is made from your device / service device, just communicate us login , password and recovery email of that google account so we will add this info under your customer profile for all further orders.




  • During purchase now you could choose to option delivery, mule or home.

  • Catch your GPS coordinates. You can use GOOGLE MAPS for this. Enter your address on google maps (you could use also street view for precise location), click the right mouse button on RED BUBBLE /SIGNAL on map and choose "what's here" from Menu.

ingress items home delivery



    • This will let open a pop up at the bottom of the page showing you right coordinates.It must look something like this: 45.453484, 9.169551

ingress items google maps coordinates


  • For a DOUBLE check on this you can also put those coordinates on intel map or catching them from intel map but we think thi method is much precise.


Then you can send us these coordinates via mail, via hangout or adding in the note of your order. If coordinates will be always the same we will add this details under your customer profile and deliver alway there up to fixing appointment with you via mail or hangout, or skype.




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