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For Ingress Prime and Redacted


Hi customers, for all people contacting us we will reply here. Regarding NIA post of few days ago:


We think that this post has been made for terrorize agents, we don't think is possible to trace items, and honestly impossible to know if you bought from someone or is some of your friends gave you a capsule.

But.... for all orders (except RTD istant delivery), if you feel more safe, we thought at this:

#PERSONAL MULES# and we suggest this:

1. #Create your Personal Mule !easy and free!

Open a new Google account or use and old your dedicated to this. Open a new ingress account with that email, and use that account as your personal mule with the store you usually use to buy, we mean, only one store for every personal mule. If you buy from many stores we suggest to have personal mule for any store, this because the important thing is that NIA can't see that account going many times around world delivering ( so access from many places). We kindly ask to communicate gmail account  name and password , we will set these details on your customer profile and every order you will purchase from our store we will charge that account.


2. #Pay Us 15$ for a L4 \ L3 Personal mule.

We are selling L4 \ L3 accounts Res or Blu for this. We will associated this mule to your profile in our ecommerce and then going as point 1 above. Below you find the option for buying it. 2/3 days delivery.



A. You can use that account also for store your items, but pls leave enough space for the items you purchased, if no enough space we can't charge items on your personal mule.

B. DO NOT open the personal mule 12 hrs before your  purchase, this to avoid any cooldown so when we will access that account we can charge it immediately.DO NOT open it till we send the shipping confirmation.

C. Use only one  personal mule account only with one store to avoid mule going around in many places. 

We are not responsible for items missing or disappeared we are giving guide lines to avoid this.

We know the NIA has banned a lot of Russian accounts cause the big seller community is there, so be carefull buying from russians and ukranians. 

We are located in Italy and till now we haven't noticed any problem yet.



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