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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Ingress Easter Op. - Easter MUFG full of gifts - Ingress store

First at all: Happy Easter agents!

Our Easter's rabbit will give you a free Easter MUFG full of gifts and a 25% discount code for all orders Up to 60$ in our ingress store.

Here terms and conditions to apply.

  • Make and order up to 60$ and use this code G3T3AST3RMUFG in the check out   to get an istant 5% discount on that order

  • In 24/72 hrs (up to orders queue) you will receive your MUFG full of gifts together with a discount code for 25%off on your next order by the end of April.

  • This promo can't be combined with other discount codes.

  • Code G3T3AST3RMUFG must be filled in the check out to get Mufg + discount code.

  • This Promo will end Monday 28th March

  • Orders could be multiple per customer; Ex: a customer could make 2 different orders (up to 60$ both) in order to get 2 mufg and 2 discount codes.


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