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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

Ingress spoofing


ingress spoofing gps

Hi Agents,

just few words about our activity.

Sometimes we smile when read some of our competitors post or articles , most of them, almost all, say that they are a big group of friends playing genuine ingress game and bla...bla...bla...


Ehy guys.... when some one can sell you stock of 100 adas, 100 jarvis, 200 axas, 300 lubes, L8 players levelled in few days.... is normal that guy is not playing fairly or genuine play. 

This is not a critic , we use to spoof ingress from beginning, we spoof under VPN, we protect our IP, we take care of customers deal with us, but we like to be clear with people.

Nobody, and really can say nobody canstock tons of ingress items in his ingress store without cheating and spoofing.

We use fake GPS  for farming, just use our L8 ingress account for grabbing items. We do not use bot like Ganess or others, we use a "hand made" method much more safer.

We do not like to fire and shot on portals, that's why we usually do not sell service as "find Guardian" or " Destroy portals" because in this way using GPS this will ruin gameplay.

We have been players before start to do business with ingress and we like this game who gave us the opportunity to earn some bucks enjoying the game, and especially for this reason we won't to damage the game comunity.

Just to spend few words on this.

All ingress shop like our use the same method and can't be different. Believe us.


Enjoy your game!



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