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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

21 Mar

Who received the NIANTIC communication for Items transfered...


Some of our customers received the email from NIA for a suspect transfer items.

The email invited you to avoid to buy items from third parties shop and respect TOS.

Few of other customers have had account banned, they simply contacted NIA's support to have them reactivated as nobody may know if items have been transfered from a friend of yours or not.

We think that NIA shot everybody who just transfered items many times, but if transfer items is a violation of TOS we do not understand the reason of capsules it self and even why a log out option is possible.

As we players know we almost 90% of players have a second | third account to store surplus items, it's normal and it does not damage the game itself.

Many ingress players who received a ban for items transfer have had their accounts reactivated after contacted the ingress support.

So the situation looks returned to normality, we are sipping without problems, fresh mules, fresh capsules all new, also our ingress store have had  a fresh redesign for some products.

For the future we have few suggestions to give to agents use to buy items from third partie stores.

  • We suggest to leave installed on your main device just your main account.

  • Use another device (old phone) to log in to the Mule account.

  • If you can't use another device pls remember to log out and DELETE from the device the log of the mule. Usually you have to go directly on the browser, log out from there click again on log in and then REMOVE option will appear on account to remove.

  • Open your MULE by your self, it need a new gmail address then open an ingress account of your faction and level it a bit till L3 or better L4 level.

  • If you have no time to do it we have those here.

  • Leave on the mule the right number of capsules we need for transfering items. Is safer and reccomended that capsules are yours, and this means not capsules gave from other seller, but just farmed from you. As you know in Ingress every capsule has a unique code and probably NIA use them to track items movements.

  • Leave on your personal mule just mods, and transfer L8 Items fast to your main.

These advices are not compulsory by just a suggestion, we are shipping as we always did using fresh mules.


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