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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

17 Mar

Niantic Anticheat system - GPS Delivery - A couple of tips

ingress gps delivery no ban
Hi since Ingress Prime has been delivered Nia efforts to prevent items transfer are increased followed by more bans.
We will stop to fill RTD packs till a date to be define yet this for both safe.
Actually GPS drop delivery is safre for our and yours accounts we have not been reported any problem with any of our customers so we can assume that GPS delivery to location is actually the safe way to transfer items.
Instead of RTD packs, Gps delivery require to match time of delivery, we are living in Italy so we have to consider different time location.
- TIP (1)
To fast the flow we recommend to send us the right GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) finding them on google maps or simply send us a google maps link of the location where drop. You can write this on the order's note or send us an email.
Rtd packs already filled will remain available till in stock.
Mule delivery will be suspended till date to be define.

- TIP (2)

We recommend also to not mix our capsules with yours, capsules are the only items pubblic coded and no one knows if they can be really trackable by Nia, so we suggest to pick up our capsules without mixing with yours and drop them back once emptied and we will pick them up.

- TIP (3)

In the meanwhile we are adding on main best seller RTDs a the possibility to buy a  standard delivery version of the RTD pack at cheaper price by choosing it from combo bar  like this one as sample.


We are working to let the items transfer much safe as possible.

Thanks for the attention and have a good game play!



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