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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

14 Sep


Posted by Dr. Tricoma
Our business has been grown on the last months, thanks to you all guys.
We have now a customer base of around 1200 customers, not all are still active but the most part of them still buying in our shop, thanks.
Recentelly some our customers complained about the longer delivery compare the  usual we made in the past weeks.
So, standard delivery will remain in 24/48hrs up to orders queue, but in the last period we have seen that is most likely the 48 hrs and sometime excluding cooldown period to wait.
For this reason we decide to create something like we used in our flat life in luna parks and amusements parks to jump queue in the most famous attractions. 
We are proud to annouce our H24 Virtual bracelet. If some one is interested you can  buy it from here, pl  reading istructions first.

We can just sell 100 pieces at the moment in order to manage

simultaneity  daily orders.

Subscription will be valid for one year then you can decide to renew or not.



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