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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

29 Jun


Posted by Dr. Tricoma

google pva account disabledHi guys,

as you know recently Niantic banned over 6K accounts. A big part of them were genuine account who never spoofed or bought items. it looks that there are no such a rule in this ban game, i mean we have had a genuine L6 account installed on our genuine ios device banned, and we had some account on jailbroken ios device who spoofed alive. i think the Nia should check his bot before take action into this, to avoid that also real players leave the game.

Recently some customer complained that has found some of our RTD pack with the google account disabled, yes this is true and it could happens. We are strongly working on google account verification to avoid this,  but we kindly suggest our customer to drop all items in one shot, so do not have multiple logs into account mule to drop items ( often happens in case of 2000 XMP pack ).


There are no rules for this but we can set a few steps to try to avoid this.

We suggest our customers to open their google account. If have the possibility burn every account after the transfer and use another fresh google account to set a new mule for the next time. Google with time will ask you for mobile verification and you can set a maximum number of google accounts with your phone number so you will start probably to ask the google PIN to your mum, sister, bro and friends ;) or simply buying a cheap rechargeable sim card to do this. 

Are PVA google accounts safe?

We use to buy PVA google accounts to set ingress accounts in the past, sometimes they work sometimes they got disabled. So if you are planning to use google accounts as mule to store your items we suggest to create your own verified account to avoid it can be disabled by google.

Keep Enjoy your game and smash portals!

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