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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

27 Aug


Posted by Dr. Tricoma

As mentioned in our policy and in the shipping delivery rules, we often take 72 hrs for delivery of the orders during Anomalies days.

After many complaining by our customers we decided to suspend the delivery of orders during anomaly series, this mean we will stop the orders delivery the day before the anomaly /event to start the delivery the day after the anomaly is ended.

This decision have to be made after many customers complaining capsules lost, items missing, glitches, account  freezing,  etc etc.But mainly capsules disappearing afetr drop.

It took more time the customer care during the anomaly delivery and at 80% we have to refill and resend orders. As agents know, even during anomaly there are a lot of servers problems.


So we suggest to refill your arsenal from us just some day before the events.

You can still buy RTD packs, but we will not responsible for any lost during anomalies days.




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