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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

08 Oct

Ingress Halloween 10% discount + 30% CA$HBACK

Posted by Dr. Tricoma


All incoming orders till 31st October will receive a 10% instant discount plus a  30% coupon back in $ to save for the next order.

All orders greater than 80$ (total paid) will receive also 100 Hyper Cubes for free in the account.

Examples on how it works:


Your cart is 40$ total amount. At checkout you will pay 36% (40$-10%) and you will receive a coupon code of 10.80$ (36$-30%) that you can use for your next order.


Your cart  is 90$ total amount. At checkout you will pay 81$ and you will receive a  coupon code of 24.30$ that  you can use for your next order and you will receive in the mule  account 100 Hyper cubes.



:: Coupon codes do not expire and do not require minimum order amount in $

:: 10% Instant code will be applied directly in the cart till October 31st

:: In order to get the 100 Hyper Cube gift your checkout payment must be greater than 80$






11 May


Posted by Dr. Tricoma



Every order till end of may will be cashed back with a coupon in $ of the value of the 40% of the order, you could redeem the discount on the next order of same value of the order made.

:: For all orders up to 60$ we will send 100 free hyper cubes in the mule of the order.


  • You buy a 2000 xmp pack actually at 18$
  • We will send you a discount code of 7,20$
  • You could use the discount code for one of the further orders in our shop at least of 18$ so the next order of 18$ you will pay 10,80$ (18-7,20)


  • You made an order for 65 $ of value.
  • You will receive a discount code of 26$ and 100 Hyper cubes as gift
  • You have to made a next order of 65$ minimum to apply the 26$ discount code so in case of 65$ order you will pay 39$.






29 Mar



Here our April promo:

  • Using code APR50 to get 50 Hypercubes for free on minimum 50$ order.

  • Using code APR75 to get 100 Hypercubes for free on minimum 75$ order.

  • Using code APR100 to get 100 Hypercubes, 50 Aegis shields for free on minimum 100$ order.

  • Using code APR150 to get 100 Hypercubes, 50 Aegis shields, 10 ada, 10 jarvis for free on minimum 150$ order.

Promo will expire end on April 30th.

Promo is eligible for multiple orders during the month.



06 Jan


Cashback is again here.

For any order till Jannuary  31st you will have a 10% instant discount + a 30% back  in $  on total order ammount for next order of same total ammount.


- you buy a 1000 xmp Pack now at 14$

- you pay the 1000 xmp pack 12.60$ (14$-10%)

- You will receive a 3.80$ coupon (30% of 12.60$)  can be used on next order with a minimum purchase of 12.60$


The promo won't effect your loyalty points so you will continue to earn points to gain bigger discounts.

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