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Product Image [RTD Ready To Drop] 2.000 Xmp Burster L8 READY TO USE

[RTD Ready To Drop] 2.000 Xmp Burster L8 READY TO USE


Ingress Xmp burster L8 RTD version. You might find 2000 xmp or 1999+caps.

Perfect if you need during a mission. We have also 1000 and 750 rtd packs

RTD version (Real.Time.Delivery) will be delivered in real time (few seconds after purchase) and the items will be ready to use, NO COOLDOWN will occure.

If you want you can choose our:

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If need help pls visit our FAQ  section or simply contact us

At the end of the purchase you will receive a discount code 5-15% (up to order ammount) for the next orders.

 NOTE: All our items are sold without capsules (excepted if mentioned in the list). To fast the process we suggest to have at least a couple of capsules. You can buy them in our shop clicking here.


Here a list of all ways to receive discounts in our shop.


For the first purchase use code N3WCUSTOM3R in the checkout page to get a 15% on your first order. No MOQ required.


We like BTC and ETHER  ;) so we improve their use. Use BTCETH25 code in the checkout page to get a 25% discount for every order. ( no minimum value order required). This for every order you made in our ingress shop. If you do not know how to pay us in Btc or ether pls refer to this page. We accept also Litecoin, Monero and Dash, in case ask us for wallet address.


We reward our loyal customers. Here the details of our loyalty program if you decide to create an account in our ingress store.

  • You earn 7 Points every 1$ spent.

  • 150 Points at first purchase


  • @1000 Points you will receive a 30% discount code

  • @2000 Points you will receive a 40% discount code

  • @4000 Points you will receive a 50% discount code

These rewards can periodically change up to our decision.

Usually average in 2-3 orders you reach 1000 points.

Occasionaly we set a x2 or x3 Loyalty promos so your earn double or triple  per $ for every purchase.

If you are already a loyalty program subscriber you can check your points here



After every  purchase you will receive an email with istruction to get other discounts.

 Peiodically we organized big sales up to holy days or events ex.Halloween promo or Indipendence day or Thanks Giving, or when XM anomalies events are coming.

We do not send newsletter or mailing so pls follow our social to keep upadate.

The rule is that for every purchase you could save money for your next.

If you have problem or if you simply would like to know how to retrieve/use your discount code pls check our FAQ page.



We respect you and your privacy so we never spam your email or in COMM game chat.

We occasionally send newsletter in case of big promo or discount.