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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

06 Jan


Cashback is again here.

For any order till Jannuary  31st you will have a 10% instant discount + a 30% back  in $  on total order ammount for next order of same total ammount.


- you buy a 1000 xmp Pack now at 14$

- you pay the 1000 xmp pack 12.60$ (14$-10%)

- You will receive a 3.80$ coupon (30% of 12.60$)  can be used on next order with a minimum purchase of 12.60$


The promo won't effect your loyalty points so you will continue to earn points to gain bigger discounts.

31 Dec


To say thanks to our all customers for the big 2018 gone we would like to give you a 50% discount for next orders on all orders purchased till 6th Jan 2019.

How it works?

Make a purchase and use code WELCOME2019 in checkout page or simply start buy clicking here, you will get an instant 5% discount and you will receive another discount code for the value in $ of the 50% of the order made.

Example: You made a purchase of 30$ in store at checkout you will use code WELCOME2019 and you will pay the total of 28,50$ (5% off instant applied) and then you will receive a discount code for next order with 15$ to spend in our store up to another order of 30$ so you will pay next order 15$.

Another example: order value 100$, you will pay 95$ and you will receive a discount code of 50$ of for the next order of 100$ so you will pay 50$ next order.

Limitation and policy of WELCOME2019 code:

  • Code will expire Jan 6th 2019
  • Code is valid for multi purchases till Jan 6th 2019
  • No minimum order for first purchase
  • You need to spend at least the value of the first purchase linked to the 50% discount code. See examples above.
  • The 50% value coupon you will receive for next purchase will expire  Feb 28th 2019 so you will have to use it before that date.

For any doubt fill free to ask us via chat or email



ingress prime store promo end of year

21 Jan

The cold can't stop us! New packs!

Posted by Dr. Tricoma in ingress items, ingress pack

Hi Agents,

as many of you asked us for a faster RTD restock we want warn you that all RTD are now online for the coming week-end, we remind you that most of RTD packs are available also in standard delivery. We increase the number of XMP RTD packs.

We create a couple of pack the first one is an RTD and the other one let you choose wich shield charge on. In the next days we will charge a new RTD Essential pack with Axa instead of RS.

At the end of the month we will surprise you with a special promo stay tuned!


 ingress essential pack





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