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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

06 Sep


Posted by Dr. Tricoma

Hi guys, we decided to change our loyalty program into the new one SMILE :)

SMILE will let you gain 7 pointes every buck 1$ spent in the shop.

Every 200 points you will be rewarded  with a discount of 3$ so average  a bit more then a  10% every 28$ spent.

With SMILE we will set campaigns with 2X or 3X up to periods or special events.

We have also a new Referral program so you will receive 10$ of discounts for every friend sent to our store and you friend 10$ as well.

For the other discounts it follows the old program with the addon of 500 points so:

  • 500 points get a 15% discount
  • 1000 for 30%
  • 2000 for 40%
  • 4000 for 50%

 For all customers with the old reward program we have backuped all balance points so you will rewarded or points updated to the new prg.


loyalty prg



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