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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

09 Feb


Hi guys, as many of you know we are involved in the crypto market since september 2015, not so early compared to others but we have had the lucky to live the amazing 2017 year. We bought first bitcoins @250$ and Ethers @7$ so we could say we strongly believe in the  crypto age!

Actually we are in a strong bear market but we can only  see an opportunity in this.

For all people and customer who doesn't know we would like to introduce you Brave and Bat.

brave browser

Brave is a really safe browser, security and privacy are its first target. Brave support rewards for creators. Immagine as you do in Twitch supporting streamers or creators on youtube with tips, with brave you can support websites, blog and ecommerce aswell. 

You can tip creators using BAT crypto ( supported in coinbase too). Bat is an old and solid project focused on digital adv keeping the decentralized mile stone.

In the next years ( probably already starting in 2020) we will assist at more companies paying you for keeping attention or loyalty on their product, you can see some good project already now like PRESEARCH ( they pay you for every query on search engine) or SGAME (they pay you to play games on smartphone)  or VICE that pay you for watching porn or media online and the youtube killer STEEMIT where you can get bucks as creator.

Thinking at what will happens in the real estate market! Many companies are investing huge ammount of money! Next Apple, Google, Amazon will be on blockchain!

The next years blockchain will be really disruptive and will change the way to make business.

We are Brave creators so you can support us and all tips will be rewarded with special pack or very rare items. But even if you don't wanna support us the consider the option to use brave for your safe and privacy.



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