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28 Dec

Bitcoin end of the year promo 2020 - 2021

Bitcoin end of the year promo 2020 - 2021

Bitcoin end of the year promo 2020 - 2021


This pandemic bloody  year is fortunately going to the end.

After the halving of this year bitcoin is actually surging and it probably will continue to surge in the 2021 for incoming institutional funds.

Then, probably in late 2021 another cycle will start.

We strongly believe in bitcoin since 2015 that's why we started  to offer this payment option.

In order to stimulate the use of btc ( we use to offer a 30% off for all bitcoin / altcoins payments) we will give you the chance to get a 50% off for all orders paid through bitcoin using this discount code: <50BTC> or simply start to buy from this link 

The discount code will expire January 31st 2021

The payment can be done not exclusively in bitcoin but with all the crypto altcoins / shitcoins ;) accepted on coinbase.

Pay with bitcoin is easier then people can think, just open an account on coinbase (KYC needed), you can follow our btc for dummies guide on our payment section

 Note: All orders paid through other way will be refunded.

Keep in touch and HODL !!!!!

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