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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

21 Oct

Why IITC is better then official Intel Map

Posted by Dr. Tricoma in iitc ingress, intel ingress, intel map

Hi ingress agents! we do not know if someone of you already use the IITC map. 

IITC map is just a different map, an alternative to Intel Map.

To use IITC you have just to Add the right plugin to your browser (chrome and FF supported) 

We think that IITC is much more better then Intel map simply for ONE BIG REASON: IITC is FASTER and much more STABLE and it has a lot of features more then normal Intel MAP! Please take a look at the TRACKER AGENT, probably not so precise but usefull info.


Here a video showing how IITC looks! We suggest you to use this map! 




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