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For Ingress Prime and Redacted

11 May


Posted by Dr. Tricoma



Every order till end of may will be cashed back with a coupon in $ of the value of the 40% of the order, you could redeem the discount on the next order of same value of the order made.

:: For all orders up to 60$ we will send 100 free hyper cubes in the mule of the order.


  • You buy a 2000 xmp pack actually at 18$
  • We will send you a discount code of 7,20$
  • You could use the discount code for one of the further orders in our shop at least of 18$ so the next order of 18$ you will pay 10,80$ (18-7,20)


  • You made an order for 65 $ of value.
  • You will receive a discount code of 26$ and 100 Hyper cubes as gift
  • You have to made a next order of 65$ minimum to apply the 26$ discount code so in case of 65$ order you will pay 39$.






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