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21 Aug


Posted by Dr. Tricoma

For all ingress players of Philadelphia, Singapore, Linz, Vancouver, Incheon, Riga and for all players who want to refill their arsenal and for all players living in remote locations here a 30% discount code  for the incoming CASSANDRA PRIME ANOMALY.

Use discount code C4SS4NDR4 in checkout to get a 30% instant discount on all RTD PACKS, or simply start to buy clicking here.

Code will expire on August 25th CET Time.


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16 Jul

The Walking Dead Our World Legendary cards

Posted by Dr. Tricoma

Probably some of you guys is already playing the new AR gps game THE WALKING DEAD OUR WORLD (TWDOW), quite interesting game, took some nice features from PoGo, and other AR games , a good ammount of strategies, shooting action ( for kids) and collectibles cards.

To get Legendary cards we suggest to complete high level infestation and earn coins that will be one of the only option to buy legendary cards. 

Another way to get Legendary cards without using in game coins currency is to hope to receiveit by completing a weekly challenge.

My first son is already addicted to game this game in few days play.

We suggest to give the game a try is something different, nothing can be compared to Ingress, i mean for an adult game trend ( Ingress is so strategic) but for sure your kids will find it fine ( blood option off :) , and we suggest all TWDOW players who never plaied Ingress  to give him a chance, i'm almost sure kids and parents will find it amazing.

Enjoy your game.

Play with responsibility.



walking dead legendary cards

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